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My Modern Project Home Tour

Welcome to My Modern Project’s home tour where I will provide some details of our modern home. I will also provide some links to some of the product manufacturers just in case you have an interest in these products. I will also provide links to technical information where applicable here and throughout the website especially the project pages.

Home Detail Summary:

Our little modern home is a 1500 sq. ft. 3 bedroom, 2 bath home built off of the plans of a Rocio Romero design that sits on 3-1/2 acres in the country. It has a flat roof design with a Firestone EPDM rubber membrane. Five, 8 ft. tall commercial sliding glass doors across the front. Fiber cement siding. 8 ft. wide deck that spans 3/4’s of the house.

Home Inspection day:

Our Modern Home  My Modern Project - Inspection Day



Basically everything is IKEA. Most of what is in our kitchen has been discontinued so you can not get them anymore. If you have any interest in the items shown, I have provided links to any item that has not been discontinued. The kitchen cabinets on the wall are IKEA’s Akurum base cabinets. The floor cabinets are also IKEA’s Akurum base cabinets. The nice thing about IKEA is that cabinet faces are made to be interchangeable. The Akurum line of cabinets is no longer available and IKEA now has the Sektion line of cabinets. The sink is IKEA’s Domsjo farmhouse sink, double bowl. I think they only offer a single bowl now. The island is the IKEA Varde . The lamps above the island are IKEA’s Pendant lamps.  I like IKEA. They have some really cool items for the home and is great for DIY’ers. However, going forward, we may not furnish the whole house in IKEA like the former owner did.

ikea-kitchen  my modern project IKEA kitchen view 2


The bathrooms are also fitted with IKEA fixtures and decor. Both bathroom sinks are the IKEA Lillangen sink and base. The showers are both done in black colored Spanish tiles. The master bath has a Jacuzzi tub which we have never used. Both bathrooms have the very large full length IKEA Mongstad mirror.

Home Tour Master Bath   Jacuzzi Tub